Mission Statement


Noel A. Bednaz of Westfield Massachusetts is a Cyber-Stalker.

If you have been harassed by this person, please tell your story here, by contacting us through this form. Silence only allows her to continue.
This website is intended to prevent her from targeting further victims.

This document is a public service. The intention of this document is to collect information about a known cyber-stalker, Noel A. Bednaz, for educational, archival and legal purposes. This document is true, and will be as complete as possible. No opinions, beliefs or other commentary will be on this site. All writings by me will simply be statement of fact. I assure you that no incorrect information has been or will ever be intentionally added. Therefore, if any of this information is incorrect, please notify me. I will delete it if I am furnished with sufficient, reliable proof that it is in error, ie, law enforcement agencies, court orders, subpoenas, ISP logs, people writing from an ISP address (not an email service) with the ability to prove their claim.

On this site are testimonials, with evidence, from Fourteen victims beside myself. There are another four known victims who at this time are reticent to contribute due to fear of retribution. Eighteen in all.

From 2000 to 2003 Noel’s biggest complaint about this site was that it contained personal information about her. In 2003 she changed tactics and began calling her victims “stalkers,” and proclaiming herself the victim. I ask you, the reader, as a reasonable person, which is more likely – That eighteen separate people, who were completely unaware of each other, all happened to stalk the same innocent person, or that that person is in fact the guilty party, and eighteen people have been victimized by her.



Please notice in the following pages the many excuses from Noel Bednaz. Among them, you will see:

  • This (email) is not Noel, it’s someone else.
  • Dennis is the real stalker
  • My life is in danger
  • Dennis has a vendetta against me
  • I had a bad childhood
  • I’m going to kill myself
  • I’m getting therapy, and getting better
  • I have PTSD.

With that in mind, please notice that this is a vast collection of emails, eCards, webpages, blogs and more all authored by Noel A. Bednaz, much of it under various aliases. If I am a stalker, or have a vendetta, it manifests itself only in collecting her writings. If her life is in danger it is due to her own actions. If it’s not her, but someone else, all these people have the same exact writing style right down to overuse of capitalization and exclamation points, and use the same obscenities.

Noel loves to play the victim. If she is a victim, it is of her own actions.

October 2013: For some time now, Noel A. Bednaz has been claiming to have legally changed her name, a claim she first made in 2003. Hampden County Mass. has no record of any such name change. She is, however, using the alias Noel LaRock in some matters.

October 2013: Last June I changed my policy and began adding commentary to the site. That commentary, along with any future comments made by me, will now be found on the blog.

December 2013: Over the last 13 years I have taken this website down six times, of my own volition, as the stalker had ceased her harassment. Each time she began again, and the site was restored. It will not be removed again. If you have been harassed by Noel Bednaz, please contact me by leaving a comment on the blog. Thank you.




Some of the links on this site lead to highly offensive graphics and language, posted to various places on the internet by Noel Bednaz, a cyber-stalker. In these pages I, and others, have been defamed, libeled, harassed, impersonated and sent offensive materials by her.

Please do not enter the site if you are offended by such materials.






I claim no copyright on materials not authored by me. Such materials are fully attributed, and as the site is for educational and legal purposes, the inclusion of these materials falls under fair use per Title 17, Chapter 1 § 107 of the U.S. Code. See link below.